Located in Lake Tahoe surrounded by amazing places to hike, mountain bike, and enjoy the outdoors with your dog is not unlike many other places for your dogs feet.  If you are planning a journey that will include your pooch consider bringing some dog shoes.   Most dogs feet can not endure the rough terrain of the mountains, desert, sand, or other rough terrain.   The consequences of having a dog in the back country can be significant.  It has potential to ruin a good time, and result in carrying a large dog through the mountains, not to mention the discomfort the dog may experience when the pads are worn off.

If I have convinced your to try dog shoes take the time to visit stores like Dog Dog Cat in South Lake Tahoe where the excellent staff can find the right size, and model to suit your next trip, and your dog.

RuffWear makes a variety of shoes for snow, rough terrain, or urban environments that come in variety of sizes.   Ideally you can test drive the shoes to be sure you have the right size, style, and your dog adapts well.   If you have a small dog under 20 lbs it can be a little more challenging to find the right shoes for a back country trip but be confident that there are choices that will work.

Additional items I recommend for your dog prepared kit are, aspirin, medical tape, a dog safe antiseptic spray, Mushers Secret, and plenty of food (consider de-hydrated).

Have a wonderful trip that safely finds you back home without any doggy mishaps.