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  • Beware of the counter surfer-With all the food to be expected from this season, make sure you keep the counters clear of any food or candy that could make your puppy sick. Now is a perfect time to work on teaching your doggie how to stay off the counters.
  • The importance of WAIT and STAY-If you expect company over and you have a pooch that likes to escape, take some time to teach your pup to stay or wait at the door, even if it’s wide open.
  • Costume Safety-If fun costumes are in the mix for your pet for Halloween, make sure the costume doesn’t impede movement, sight or breathing. If your fur baby seems too distraught with the costume, consider leaving the clothing at home.
  • Moth Balls in the shadows-Be careful as you pull out your sweaters and winter clothing from storage. Moth balls are toxic to your love bugs.
  • Mushroom Madness– It’s that time of year when the cool air brings forth the wild mushrooms. While 99% are non-toxic, there’s no reason to take a chance on that 1% that could seriously injure your pup. Keep them away from the fungi!
  • Light them up– Make sure if your pup or kitty go out at night that they have reflective or lighted materials on them to keep them visible to traffic.